Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Top 5 Photoshoot Looks

Kristen had some fantastic photo spreads this year, hopefully 2011 will treat us the same and we’ll see some spreads for Kristen’s upcoming movies ‘On the Road’ and Breaking Dawn.

Below are my five favourite shoots from 2010 in order of my personal preference. Let me know what your favourite shoot from 2010 was by voting on the poll below.

Merry Christmas everyone.


photoshoot 1

I simply adored Elle UK’s spread and styling.


photoshoot 2

Despite being a small feature, this small VOGUE piece stole my heart.


photoshoot 3

I adored seeing Kristen is some of the outfits featured in the Elle US spread. The Versus dress in particular …


photoshoot 4

Flaunt was sexy and edgy featuring some stunning pieces.


photoshoot 5

The February Vanity Fair issue showed off Kristen’s softer feminine side.


Credits: Polyvore

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